Entering into Social Media

22 01 2009


My name is Jessica Goodman and I am a recent graduate from the University of Denver. I graduated August 2008 with a major in General business and minors in both Economics and Communications. While in school I also studied abroad with Semester at Sea. This is a ship that travels around the world (stopping in 10 different countries). While on the ship we studied the economics and culture of these different countries.  
Traveling is a large part of who I am. Along with Semester at Sea, I have travelled to numerous other countries. Some of my favorite countries I have visited include: South Africa, Australia, Burma, India, Egypt, Vietnam, Japan…the list could go on forever. Along with visiting many countries, I have actually lived in three different countries too. I was born in Canada, moved to Belgium, and now I reside in the USA. 
Experiencing all these different worldly adventure, my education, and other life and work experiences will make me a huge asset to any company. I am an outgoing individual who is a hard worker. I am very personable and love to be around people. I am always up for a challenge or new adventure. I hope that all these qualities make me a successful individual as they have helped me live a happy life!
I am currently starting this blog as I would like to start a career in marketing/PR and a very wise women told me that social media is necessary in todays world. I was very uncertain about this at first, but in 24 hours I have come to love it! I have joined many social networks online so far, and now here I am starting my own blog. This new part of my life is already making me feel important in the business wold as I have made some great connections. Next I just have to actually become important….finding a job would be a good start!