Today’s World Is Like A Merry-Go-Round

23 01 2009

Do you ever feel like you are spinning on a merry-go-round when you are actually sitting still? In today’s world everything moves so fast that it is hard to take a breath and comprehend what is happening.

Can you remeber 10 years back? or 15? Though I was a young girl back then, I am wondering how we all functioned without Smartphones, PDA’s, wireless internet, and SOCIAL MEDIA. With technology constantly improving, it makes me wonder where we will be in another 10 or 15 years. Today, it is not unusual to read newspapers online (who needs to waste the paper with the whole green movement), for a young adult to not have a landline but only a cell phone, for a 12 year old to have their own cellphone, and for CEO’s of companies to be blogging online during work hours. This would have been unheard of even 5 years ago!

What does all this technology mean? There have been many critics who say that generation Y  lacks personal communication skills as we have grown up using computers and technology. I can remember being in 7th grade and locking myself in my room everyday after school so I could have privacy while chatting on AIM. This became an everyday occurrence and started scaring my parents as they had no way to control or idea what I was doing online. My father went to the extreme of making an AOL SN and talking to me as if he was just some random guy. This was the only way he was able to understand my generation (and make sure I was not doing anything bad or dangerous as I am his little girl.) Now about 10 years later I find that I am still introducing my parents to different types of technology, but I must admit I have found that the older generations who are still in the business world are pretty adaptive to this new hi-tech, quick moving world we are in.

As soon as you think you have figured out how to use a new gadget or website, another one comes out. Everything comes and goes so quickly in our world today, therefor making it is hard to grasp everything. I sometimes wish I had a remote like in the movie “Click” where I can pause my life. Just imagine all the mistakes you have made in life because things are going so fast, and if you had just one moment to look around and think about your options you may not have made that mistake. This can relate to online chatting as you may have typed so fast you made some spelling or grammatical errors, or maybe you responded too quickly and typed something you didn’t want to send. OOPS! Or maybe this happened in the office where you forgot about a deadline and turned a project in late. Or maybe in college you were too concerned about getting sloshed the night before that you forgot to attend class the next morning. 

It seems to me that life is moving so quickly, and I am scared that I am going to miss out on something important. I am a very adventurous female who wants to live life and enjoy it too. I realized that it is not the little things in life that matter, but the big ones that are meaningful to you. Find a hobby, a career, a friend, a foundation or ANYTHING you are passionate about and embrace it. Have good memories with or about the things that you are passionate about and don’t waste your time over the petty little things. There are too many things going on so quickly in todays world that one needs to grab on to what they are interested in and let the rest keep spinning in circles on the merry-go-round.




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